Hot Japan: Today’s Sketch: Jinbo-cho, Tokyo Dec.28, 2013
Hot Japan presents today’s sketch in Japan.

Movie is fast-forward video which is time Remapped from 60 min. to 220 sec.

Location is Red Panda Studio, Akihabara, Tokyo.

Please enjoy it.
Jinbocho is a neighborhood of Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, known as Tokyo’s center of used-book stores and publishing houses, and as a popular antique and curio shopping area.
The center of Jinbocho is at the crossing of Yasukuni-dori and Hakusan-dori, above Jinbocho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line, Toei Mita Line and Toei Shinjuku Line. The prestigious Tokyo Book Binding Club and Literature Preservation Society are located in Jinbocho, and the area is within walking distance of a number of major universities, including Nihon, Senshu, Meiji, Hosei and Juntendo.

Jinbocho is named after a samurai, Nagaharu Jinbo, who lived in the area at the end of the 17th century.
In 1913, a large fire destroyed most of the area. In the wake of the fire, a university professor named Shigeo Iwanami opened a bookstore in Jinbocho which eventually grew into today’s Iwanami Shoten publishing house. Over time, the area became popular with university students and intellectuals, and many small bookstores and cafes opened there.
More recently, the Chiyoda municipal government sponsored a major redevelopment project in Jinbocho which led to three new high-rise office buildings being completed in 2003, further boosting the local economy. The Jinbocho Theater was completed in 2007.


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